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Teacher playing a percussion instrument in front of a class


WBTC has a full-time teacher who provides an education program 3 days a week.

WBTC’s curriculum includes Identity, Science, ELA, Math, Health, Indigenous Studies, Career Education, and Art/Culture. During treatment, youth are re-introduced to an educational setting where they can strengthen their knowledge and skills and prepare themselves to re-enter the mainstream educational system when they complete our program.

Closeup of a person's hands as they paint on a canvas

Our Teacher and Elder work together to implement programming that restores Indigenous knowledge and ways of living.

The youth participate in lessons on tipi-teachings, protocols, and activities such as making moss bags, medicine bags, dream catchers, ribbon skirts, moccasins, and hand drums.

In addition to delivering our curriculum to youth of varying educational levels, our teacher provides additional support to those who wish to remain enrolled in school while in treatment through teaching and facilitating lesson/assignment completion.

White Buffalo Treatment Centre