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Culture and Recreation

Culture and Recreation are a cornerstone of our program. The use of culture as a foundation in programming allows the female youth to redevelop their identity and emphasizes their role in becoming First Nation women.

Cultural integration includes the use of Elders who share traditional knowledge, deliver teachings, and conduct ceremonial activities.

Traditional knowledge that is shared with youth includes:

  • Smudging
  • Water and fire as healing
  • Prayer
  • The creation story
  • Medicine picking and preparation
  • Storytelling
  • Protocols
  • Cultural songs
  • Ceremony preparation
  • The sweat lodge
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Youth participate in sweat, full-moon, sacred fire, and naming ceremonies.

During their stay with us youth also attend a 4-day culture camp where they participate in various activities designed to educate them in life skills, survival skills, and living off the land.

Some of the activities include setting up fishing nets, cleaning and filleting fish, snaring and cleaning rabbits, fire making, picking medicines, beading, canoeing, and snowshoeing.

At WBTC we have a full-size gymnasium and a fitness centre. Exercise is an important component of treatment and clients utilize the gym and workout in the fitness centre throughout the year.

In the warmer months youth participate in swimming at lakes around our area, fishing, hiking at local parks and trails, and basketball at outdoor courts. In the colder months, clients participate in bowling, swimming at public pools, snowshoeing, skating, and sliding.

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